Mobile affiliate marketing – Why and for what purpose?

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What is affiliate marketing from its general concept?

The core concept of arbitration is to buy traffic at the one place and the send it (or sell) for an offer to the other place. Nevertheless, our main goal is to stay in profit after executing this operation.

In case if me move forward from strict definitions, arbitration is a new born realm in he market, which has a bunch of hidden loopholes. From the one side, there are traffic sources out there, which are ready to sell the members no matter what happens. From the other side, there are dozens and hundreds offering networks that provide us with promotional offers of all kinds. There we are, people who work in this field, in the middle of it, who must skillfully communicate between the sources of traffic and offer networks, link traffic and promotional offers.

The market is large and diverse. You can select any strategy and try to work on it, and only after months will understand that if from the very beginning you would have made another move, another action, then your work would be much easier and the result you’re expecting to get would have come much faster. Continue reading “Mobile affiliate marketing – Why and for what purpose?”

Pay Per Call

As we all know, Pay-Per-Call is essentially leadgen. The core concept is that your leads are dialing the merchant’s phone number and therefore they are able to talk to them in real time instead of executing an old-fashioned act – submitting contact details online. Let me explain you how it works: At the very first place you are signing up to an affiliate offer. After this the merchant will give you a unique phone number in purpose of promotion. Then, you advertise the offer during “operational hours”. The most pleasant and the last part is that you are getting paid in case if user calls, stays on the line long enough, and fits a target profile.

Generally, Pey-Per-Call offer requires that the user is supposed to be on the line for 60 seconds at least. In some cases it may take up to 3 minutes. This is in addition to any regional requirements and quality filtering that the offer has in place. As an invention, Pay-Per-Call has burst up in the last 18 months. That is to say, it is the most significant and, frankly speaking, real-growing area of realm of affiliate marketing. Even your grandma knows that more people browsing the web on their phones nowadays. Just picture this, as I paint for ya, a random lass whose name is Stacy has an urgent need for teach support, say a virus alert, it is only natural for her to dial the number and therefore to speak to an agent directly, rather than enter a large chain of emails here and there while some virus is corrupting her device. Continue reading “Pay Per Call”

Pin Submits

In a word, pin submits aim to represent the depth of the wild west of mobile marketing. Speaking about geographical aspect, they are still executing in some unregulated countries. The core concept of this is that in order to subscribe to mobile content or to enter a competition, the user has to submit his personal phone number. No matter what is the main purpose: he may want to get an access to play a game, or an invisible chance to with his brand new IPhone, it does not matter.

pin submits

The point is eventually he receives a pin, which is ought to be entered in order to confirm the subscription. Regarding this, a conversation for the affiliate has being caused, as a result the definition of a “pin submit” Pin submit tends to offer high payout, which is based on the fact that some products are actually refills/rebels (what did the author mean?): recurring subscriptions. In the case if user skips over the small print, then he might not keep track that his agreement charges $5 weekly in order for him to continue access to games, or to try his “one more last” chance to win a prize.

Continue reading “Pin Submits”

App Installs Part 2

As I have previously stated in Premium Posts Volume 2015: The usefulness of promoting applications, especially in the case when one gets in early, isthat their owners are generally looking for mass adoption. Assuredly, they passionately want to gain users as fast as they could – this means relaxed capping and the potential to make an absolutekilling if you pick the right offer, in the right place and at the right time.Regarding this, what is the right offer for somebody without any experience in regard to promoting app installs?

By the way of example I would like to bring to the table a number of applications, which have been particularly effective last year:

  • 360 Security: Antivirus
  • PSafe Antivirus
  • UCBrowser
  • Game of War
  • DU Battery Saver

In fact, the most popular offers for affiliates are typically gamingbased or utilities.Antivirus offers are a perfect solution for the many affiliates with ‘aggressivemarketing’, which is tattooed to their bollocks

“You May Have (1) Virus! Scan Now!”

“Battery Running Low? Top Up Now!”

Speaking about it, I’m pretty sure you see those ads on your daily basis.Indeed, they may be quite controversial, but they have turned various affiliates in tomillionaires.The appeal of such ads is immediate, strict and difficult to ignore. At the final point, when it comes to your profit, which you get after you are getting paid per installation, then it’s easy to see how thecommission can stack up quickly. Continue reading “App Installs Part 2”

App Installs Part 1


On the agenda of our today’s topic, we are going to discuss over the application installs. By all means, one cannot imagine his or her life without downloading applications of all types you can imagine. Just slow down for a second and respect the time you are living in. Nowadays, people tend to forget that technology itself has been invented not from the depth of unrecorded times, even your “old” IPhone 2g is still a top-notch device, which plays a role of an integral part of your life. Just picture this scene, as I paint for you, you can download almost every application, which could help you to make your daily routine less routine or to tend you with your GMAT exam. From gaming based, social, musical to educational applications – everything is for you!
That is to say, app installs is one of the most explosive sectors, which keeps developing with an
inexpressible speed seen in affiliate marketing. App installs are in the trend; there is an extremely high demand on them. Talking about the affiliate network and the way it promotes a vast list of applications, it is important to mention that basically it does it through iTunes or Google Play. Continue reading “App Installs Part 1”